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Our projects are the backbone behind what we do. Our operations exists for the soul purpose of helping the people in the world that need it most. We carefully plan and execute the most efficient ways to help as many people as we can in ways that will benefit them for the long run.

Types of Projects: From Outreach Centers to Orphanages

Our World Hunger Fund “Resource Outreach Centers” are one of the primary ways that we carry out our WHF projects. Many of them serve multiple purposes under various titles customized to the region, but they typically provide a venue for us to carry out much of our work, such as a supply distribution center, a resource center for providing closely guided assistance with physical, economical, educational, agricultural, development technical and social support/counselling, and a sitting house for providing shelter to domestically distressed individuals. Though orphanages and elderly assistance facilities tend to be different entities, our Outreach Centers can in some cases be utilized to make similar provisions for youngsters or the elderly as needed.

These outreach centers serve as a home base for our regional operations and allow us to establish and expand our impact to the greater surrounding areas.

Take a look at some examples of some young projects that we have implemented and continue to expand below:


Orphanage and Outreach Center -

The World Hunger Fund owns and operates an outreach center in western Uganda that cares for 39 orphans and abandoned children as well as a shelter for the disadvantaged. Our education and support programs are making a difference in many lives on a daily basis.


Sitting House & Resource Center

In the city of Lahore, the World Hunger Fund has a sitting house for young uneducated women from troubled pasts and helps to support and educate them, doubling as a resource center for the greater community, providing meals, services, and education to many trapped in poverty. 


Rural Outreach & Youth Center –

Deep in the south islands of the Philippines are many remote communities that need agricultural resource assistance. Our outreach center will help us to expand our operations there, providing short term and long term development and assistance for children and families in those areas. 

We have many projects of many varieties in many regions and are actively seeking to add more at every opportunity. Your partnership is curcial, together we can change the world!

If you have a specific area of interest or a region that you would like to sponsor, or if you would like to view availible project opportunities that are awaiting funding, go to our donate page.

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You play a crucial role in putting an end to world hunger. Only together can we fight this enemy that plagues so many people on our planet. The opportunities to make a difference are limitless. Listed below are several ways that you can help out. Your help is essential and appriciated.

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