We are changing the World One Economic Advancement Project at a Time.


       World Hunger Fund was started several years ago through the many relationships with local officials, leaders, and ministers within the communities of impoverished nations around the globe that we, the founders of WHF, had accumulated through our traveling, networking, and organizational outreaches. Eventually these relationships and connections birthed the idea that we can effectively help local communities and affect entire regions by utilizing trusted local relationships. With these relationships we are able to build outreach centers, sitting houses, orphanages, schools, resource facilities, dig wells, etc. and work toward long term, sustainable growth. On top of coordinating necessary resources needed to provide health and stability to their region with no adverse side effects, we also forward initiatives that introduce or increase agricultural technologies and advancements to promote permanent growth and economical independence. The programs we’ve started in various nations around the globe are just the beginning of what we hope to continually expand and grow into. We won't stop until we have changed the entire world, one region at a time. Our contuning goal is to scale up our programs and branch out to other communities and nations with the same methods we use today.

       We are also expanding our reach to provide relief to war-torn/refugee situations, natural disasters, and severe famine areas, providing much needed food and supplies to areas desperate for assistance.

       World Hunger Fund is more than just a charitable organization - it's a frame of mind. We strive to connect with people to assist in long-term sustainable improvement, not just dumping a pallet of food in a village and leaving. We put our hearts into the projects and endeavors we charter. We work with local economies and producers to get people to a place where they can stand on their own. That is why our core is built around local people who live within the regions we are helping and have a vested interest in seeing the right kind of change take place.


       Our long-term goals are to get programs set up in 40 countries, specifically the countries with the lowest incomes and highest starvation levels, and continue to expand from there. These program goals include emergency relief aid to war-torn, natural-disaster-wrecked, and famine-stricken areas. Take a look at our Mission and see some of the projects we are doing in the nations we are currently working in and the nations we are planning to open new programs in.

       Will you help us accomplish our goal? Every penny of your support helps us make these differences in our world, and opens a new avenue for us to put an end to world hunger. Make your tax-deductible donation today. Thank you, and God bless you!

“Blessed are those who consider the poor…” Ps. 41:1

World Hunger Fund is a 501c3 organization; all donations are tax deductable.


You play a crucial role in putting an end to world hunger. Only together can we fight this enemy that plagues so many people on our planet. The opportunities to make a difference are limitless. Listed below are several ways that you can help out. Your help is essential and appriciated.

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