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What exactly is World Hunger, and why should you care? .


Nearly 2/3 of the world is hungry or has to deal with hunger to some extent. Nearly 20% of the world is either starving or battling with conditions that brink on the border of starving to some extent. The real problem that these people face is not that there is a lack of food in our world. The world produces plenty of food to feed everyone. The main problem is that isolated groups and regions of people do not have the infrastructure and access to this food on a regular basis. Limited access to food comes primarily from an undeveloped or underdeveloped agricultural infrastructure, including the following scenarios:

  - Lack of access to adequate funding for farming equipment, machinery, and land for practicing successful agricultural techniques
  - Lack of arable/farmable land within reach of a region of high population
  - Lack of transportation infrastructure to bring food from farmable land to areas of high population
  - Lack of education on successful agricultural techniques
  - Lack of water, utilities, and other resources needed for successful agricultural techniques
  - Seasonal droughts, famines, pestilences, or other natural disasters that affect a specific region
  - Refugee/temporary situations causes by those fleeing wars and political unrest in their home areas
  - Oppressive or tyranical govenment regimes whose policies hinder the population's escape from poverty conditions

Starvation and malnutrition cause more deaths than any other disease. More people die from hunger every year than all wars, natural disasters, and violent crime... combined. Hunger is the single highest cause of death in our world, and sadly, hunger is also the most treatable and preventable of all causes of death.

$13 Billion

$13,000,000,000. Did you know that many experts have estimated that it would take roughly $13 billion dollars to "solve" world hunger on a global scale. We are not talking about just handing over food to starving people, but we are talking about going in and adjusting agricultural and economic conditions to bring long-term sustenance to these regions of extreme poverty (that is, if their respective governments would allow it to happen).
$13 billion dollars... that's it!
Well, it is a log of money, sure, but not when you consider that America spends roughly 4 to 5 times that amount every year... on dieting.
Isn't that ironic!?
I hope that you are stirred to action as much as we are here at the World Hunger Fund. To learn more facts about World Hunger, visit our Hunger Statistics page.


As devistating as the statistics on world hunger are, there is a continuing hope that makes itself known. The world's attention to the worldwide hunger crisis and continuing efforts have made a drastic difference and will continue to make a difference for years to come until we see hunger erradicated. Did you know that the percentage of people that are starving in developing countries has gone down significantly in the past several decades? The number of people dying from starvation and the percentage of our world's population that live in abject poverty has declined greatly as we have focused on solving these issues. The massive ongoing efforts to make improvements in developing nations have made a difference... but there is still a long ways to go.

There are still nearly 600 million starving people in Asia.
In the sub-Saharan region of Africa, roughly 1 out of 4 people are living in abject starvation.
In many nations all over the world, particularly underdeveloped nations in South America, Africa, Asia, the middle east, and eastern Europe, there are unfathomable amounts of orphaned and abandoned children that roam the streets, doing whatever they can to survive.
And then there are refugees, people who are displaced by wars, that live in unimaginable conditions and rely on the charity of others.
These are all very real conditions in our curret world that need our attention and energy to help solve. The World Hunger Fund is systematically working within individual regions on projects that will make long-term improvements. Will you help us do our part to #MakeADifference ? The lives of many depend on it...

To find out more awesome details about the regional work that we do, visit our Projects page.


When you live in a developed nation with all of its amenities, it can be easy to forget about those less frotunate in our world. For example, the average person in America makes around $54,000+ annually. Compare that to the average person in Uganda who makes about $800 annually, and you will see why their population struggles with hunger, malnutrition, and death by starvation much more than statistics would would ever show in America or any other developed nation. Something like a down turn in their economy or a famine could be disasterous to their already unstable food availibility.

The best thing that you can do to help is to be aware and share that awareness with others. It's only through the education of the masses and loud calls to action that we can see changes occur on a global scale, and we cannot do that alone - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

There are many other ways to help #MakeADifference on an individual basis. There is so much more that you can do than "just" financial giving. From spreading the WHF statistics about hunger on social media, to sponsoring a corporate fundraising event, we have lots of ideas for you at our Take Action page. Get started today and see what a difference you can make!

To learn more about how hunger affects our World, visit our stats page

More Stats on Hunger



You play a crucial role in putting an end to world hunger. Only together can we fight this enemy that plagues so many people on our planet. The opportunities to make a difference are limitless. Listed below are several ways that you can help out. Your help is essential and appriciated.

Discover why our work is so critical and how we target our work towards those that need it most

From sponsoring a specific program, to setting up a recurring donation, you can make a difference

See some of the things you can do to help end world hunger and become an activist for creating change


Together, we can #Makeadifference . Will you sponsor a project today?
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