World Hunger Fund

Partners, Members, and Corporate Sponsors

The World Hunger Fund is looking for strategic partners and beneficiaries that want to make a difference in the world.

Partner with Us

Sign up as a partner and monthly donor and get updated on all events and decisions regarding the direction of the World Hunger Fund along with the ability to weigh in on important items. We will keep you informed by email and newsletter of all important dates and events so you can be a part of the action. Simply set up your monthly donation of any size and you will receive your partner kit by email shortly afterwards.

The World Hunger Fund also welcomes partnerships in the form of working with other non-profit organizations in mutually beneficial endeavors. From churches, ministries, or missions organizations, to NGOs, feeding, or poverty alleviation programs, we are open to discuss working together toward common goals. Email us to discuss more. 

Founding Membership

As a relatively young organization, the World Hunger Fund is looking for those desirous of a "Founding Member" status within our organization. The World Hunger Fund is always looking for those that wish to help by putting more than just their money to work for the cause. If you would like to be considered for memebership, whether on the board of directors or as a stakeholder in some other capacity, please inform us of your intent and let us follow up with you.

Corporate Sponsorship

.As a corporate partner with the World Hunger Fund, you will be granted permission to use our logo in your websites and PR campaigns, stating that you are a donor-partner with our organization. You can let the world know that you are doing your part to change the world. Please contact us to work out the details and to receive your corporate PR kit today!


For partnership questions, membership, or corprate sponsorship inquiries, please go to our contact page and fill out the form with your info and submit - Thanks!


You play a crucial role in putting an end to world hunger. Only together can we fight this enemy that plagues so many people on our planet. The opportunities to make a difference are limitless. Listed below are several ways that you can help out. Your help is essential and appriciated.

Discover why our work is so critical and how we target our work towards those that need it most

From sponsoring a specific program, to setting up a recurring donation, you can make a difference

See some of the things you can do to help end world hunger and become an activist for creating change


Together, we can #Makeadifference . Will you sponsor a project today?
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