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We need your help! Below are just some of the things that you can do to help us further the cause of the World Hunger Fund. 

There are many actions that you can take to bring about change in the world when it comes to hunger reduction. Whether you are a concerned citizen of the world, or a corporation, trust, or organization looking to make a tax-deductable difference in our world, Contact us at any time if you would like to speak with someone from our organization to ensure that you have our full support in your endeavor. 

Educating Others:


Let us know about the WHF fundraiser event you are putting on and we'll send free t-shirts for you and your helpers!

Sponsor a Fundraiser

Activity Fundraiser

Nothing builds community among company individuals better than coming together to help a cause. Please consider us as a beneficiary of your next activity fundraiser. The possible activities that you can center your fundraising around are endless, from casual Friday fees, to mini-golf-a-thons, to dance contests, to you-name-it...

Walk /Run /5K /10K /Marathon

If you would like to host a get-out-and-get-moving-for-a-cause event, please consider us as a beneficiary. If you provide the idea for a suitable city, place, date(s) and connections, we can be on-location to coordinate the details and manage it. Let us know what you've got. Helping people get fit and combat hunger is a good way to go!

Benefit concert, dinner, raffle, etc.

If you would like to coordinate a benefit activity where people get to enjoy great activities and experiences on top of giving to a great cause, please reach out to us. We'd love to help any way we can, and though we may be too limited in time and resources to help every event, we would still love to hear about it!


This campaign created by the World Hunger Fund is quickly catching on. It's more of a fast than a diet, and it aims at bringing awareness to hunger more than losing weight (but that is a great perk!) This "diet" is centered around the average amount of food that almost half of the population of the world lives on every day, just $2.

It's tough, but remember, many people in the world are already doing it along with you, not by choice!  

Visit the Website for complete details on how to get started. 


To learn more about how hunger affects our World, visit our stats page

More Stats on Hunger


You play a crucial role in putting an end to world hunger. Only together can we fight this enemy that plagues so many people on our planet. The opportunities to make a difference are limitless. Listed below are several ways that you can help out. Your help is essential and appriciated.

Discover why our work is so critical and how we target our work towards those that need it most

From sponsoring a specific program, to setting up a recurring donation, you can make a difference

See some of the things you can do to help end world hunger and become an activist for creating change


Together, we can #Makeadifference . Will you sponsor a project today?
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